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What is the deal?

This is a question for any of the Intel support people out there.
A week ago I put in a posting about a problem I encountered in trying to run an Intel MKL example program. After some pointers on the example directory's user and group designation (I have minimal Unix know-how) I moved the goods over to a directory of mine and tried again. There I hit a compilation/make problem and sent in a follow-up note.
After this I got a polite cannot-help-you-here response from a non-Intel person and nothing from Intel. I was stunned by the lack of response from Intel.
Having written codes myself - numerical and language translators - there is an underlying imperative to good programming work - 'I am going to this code working and working well/efficiently and completing the obligations to the customer'. Even in the case of giving codes away (twice this spring), I always make sure I help the recipient get the codes working.
I think I shelled out 700'ish bucks for this product. My previous comparable experience in trying to get an efficient basis for numerical computations on my Mac was with Motorola's AltiVec-related codes. The documentation was easily followed and within days (and sans questions) I was running small trial vectorized codes. That was free. Here I thought it a good idea to pay for the goods and then if needed there would be good support.
Question - having gone to the trouble of developing a ton of MKL examples (versus maybe 5 for icc) does anyone at Intel want to follow-up and help get them running? As a related suggestion if you are going to build off of big makefiles you should include some comments in them (beyond INTEL CONFIDENTIAL).
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Sorry about the delay. We'll take another look at your question and respond soon.

Hello Ted,
Please see my answers on your questions here.
Best regards,