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dfsNewTask1D returning error (-1009)


Hello everybody,

I am trying to execute the data fitting example (from the help)

Here is the code:

         /* Create a Data Fitting task */

        DFTaskPtr task;

        MKL_INT N = 8;
        const float xx[] = {38.0f, 39.0f, 40.0f, 41.0f,
                            46.0f, 47.0f, 48.0f, 49.0f};
        const float yy[] = {38.0f*38.0f, 39.0f*39.0f, 40.0f*40.0f, 41.0f*41.0f,
                            46.0f*46.0f, 47.0f*47.0f, 48.0f*48.0f, 49.0f*49.0f};

        status = dfsNewTask1D(&task, mN, xx, DF_NON_UNIFORM_PARTITION, 1, yy, DF_NO_HINT);

Can anybody explain why dfsNewTask1D returning -1009? (problem with DF_NO_HINT?)

I just installed evaluation (today), trying to check the performance of the spline method comparing it with the implementation we have today...

Best Regards and Thanks in advance for any help...

Yony Ribalsky

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Hi YonyR, I just tested your code. It returns 0 that completed successfully. Very strange, if it returns -1009 that means you get error on bad Y hint, invalid flag describing the structure of function y.

Could you make sure the 'mN=8'? Maybe you could also set xhint as DF_NO_HINT, and watch if the result still get an error with -1009. Could you please tell me the version of MKL you used for your projects and your developing environment?

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Major version:           11
Minor version:           3
Update version:          3
Product status:          Product
Build:                   20160413
Platform:                Intel(R) 64 architecture
Processor optimization:  Intel(R) Advanced Vector Extensions 2 (Intel(R) AVX2) enabled processors

 dfsNewTask1D's status == 0

here is results with the latest 11.3 u3 version.

please check this version of MKL or let us the comprehensive example of this case which we may investigate on our side.


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