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fftw3 redistribute



Now, I purchased intel C++ composer to use mkl.(MSVS 2010, intel 32bit architecture, C/C++ language, MS windows 7)

I'm trying to redistribute functions in fftw3 libraries to colleagues without extra installation of mkl on their own PCs.

I'm using 'fftw_plan_dft_r2c_2d'function, how can my colleagues also use this function?

Which files do I have to share for them to use that function?

I'm new to this kind of activity, so please describe the procedure in detail.

Thank you.

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>>...Which files do I have to share for them to use that function? Please take into account that when mlk_rt.dll and mlk_core.dll are loaded into memory some CPU dispatching will be done and an MKL DLL ( also known as a Waterfall DLL ) for a specific processor will be loaded into memory at runtime ( it depends on a CPU ). Usage of default Waterfall DLL is Not the best option because it could be slower. So, if you provide us with information about a range of CPUs ( and a complete set of MKL functions ) you're going to use then it will be easier to answer your question.
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