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mkl_mkl_dcsradd appears error


Dear all

I use the function as follows:

call mkl_dcsradd(trans,request,sort,m,n,a,ja,ia,beta,b,jb,ib,c,jc,ic,nzmax,info)

the length of arrays a and b are 3569442 and 1156736,respectively.


when I choose nzmax=9452356, I find that my sample code cannot run due to this error: program Exception - access violation.

at case of nzmax=1500000 ,the program could run ,but the result is not correct

I want to know  whether it appears Memory overflow due to the value of the nzmax .


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I am transferring this issue to the MKL forums. Someone on that forum will help you shortly



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shaopeng z.:

The information that you have given is incomplete and insufficient. We need to know the declarations of all the arguments passed to mkl_dcsradd, the values of all the scalar arguments, and a statement as to how the array arguments were assigned values. We also need to know the OS, compiler and MKL versions.

Are you aware that you can make a dummy sizing call to the routine, with request=2, and find the size of the result matrix, i.e., the lengths of arrays c and jc? You can then allocate c and jc to this size and make another call to mkl_dcsradd, this time to actually compute the matrix sum in CSR format.

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Even if the description is not complete let me suggest the following: - Try to increase stask size values ( see linker options ) for the application or - Try to increase OMP_STACKSIZE value or - Try to increase a size for Virtual Memory paging file It is Not clear if you're dealing with an internal error in the MKL function or if you have some problem related to memory, that is simply not enough to complete processing on your system.
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