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Is this the right Scenario for TBB ?



I have to the develop the following project:

My data is divided into 12 2D complex float matrices. 

Each complex matrix is then separated into 2 float matrices: Real and imaginary. 

The reason for this: The signal processing contains also transpose.

There is no IPP transpose for complex float.

So I have 24 float matrices.  Each row is consecutive in RAM. 

 On each marix I have to run FFT on each row, multiply each row by a constant vector (sample by sample) and then FFT on columns. 

Before FFT on columns I  will have to transpose because FFT  on columns will be slower due to cache. 

Now to my question:

Is it right to use TBB on each matrix in order to use all cores ?

I have 24 matrices but only 4 cores in my CPU. 

Thank you,


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