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Use in free software libraries

Oi vey's mere. Why did you use an infectious license that not even trained lawyers can figure out?
Wait, that wasn't my question, that was a complaint. Here's my question:

I founded OpenCV while working at ... Intel. We put on a simple BSD license. I'm still running OpenCV with more contributors than ever. If we were to use TBB, what's the consequence for our users in terms of the license you used? If we were to buy the COM license, what's the consequence?

That is: I want OpenCV to run fast and parallel as well as it can. But I also want anyone, anywhere, anytime to take OpenCV, make open or closed commercial software using OpenCV in whole or in part, distribute that opened or closed softare and not owe anyone else a dime. I don't care what TBB goes under as long as the end user who calls OpenCV functions (for any purpose, even as part of yet another commercial product) does not owe anyone anything for using OpenCV in its multi-threaded form.

Gary Bradski

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