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AMT Capacity Planning



I am putting an Intel AMT design together for a large corporate client and I am wondering if anyone in this community has any data and/or experience that would be useful for capacity planning. Ideally I am looking for something like:

If you have X vPro workstations and you are adding Y to the network per day; then you need Z SCS server(s) and you do/do not need to host the database on a separate server. Anything on database sizing would also be useful.

A bit more info about what we are intending: we will be using the AMT add-on for SMS 2003; the AD schema will be extended; an Enterprise CA will be implemented along with TLS. We would be looking to centralise most of the infrastructure so the vast majority of the workstations would be WAN connected back to data centers.

Any help or pointers to existing info would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi kirkjr,

Sorry this took so long... Here's the scoop.. at this point there is no set formula, however with a deployment around 6,000 nodes it is requiring just a single SCS server. Over the course of the next month we will be discussing different solution architectures that may showcase why having multiple SCS's fits in. stay tuned for this dialogue coming up.


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