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AMT Options Missing

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Hi, I really hope someone can help with this problem. We purchased a number of Fujitsu Q9000 Small Form Factor PCs. They were advertised as having Intel vPRO Version 6. When they were delivered the AMT option was disabled in the BIOS so we enabled it and rebooted the PC. On reboot the usual CTRL+P option to enter the ME Setup was displayed. On entering the ME setup, the password is entered and updated. The problem now is very few options are available within the ME.

On the first page we see:

Intel(R) ME General Settings


When entering into Intel(R) ME General Settings we see:

Intel(R) ME State Control

Change ME Password

FW Update Settings >


Power Control >

Previous Menu

There is nowhere to enter any TCP/IP settings so the current ME setup is useless.

The version details: Intel ME BIOS Extension v6.0.3.0019/Intel(R) ME V6.0.30.1203. The CPU is an Intel Core i3-350M and the chipset is Intel® QM57.

I have contacted Fujitsu who recommended a BIOS update, this didn't work. They have sent an engineer out to change the motherboard but that didn't work either.

Does anyone know how to enable the full vPRO options on these machines?

I would really appreciate some help with this.


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The Intel Core i3-350M processor is not Intel vPro capable. Are you sure it is an Intel Core i3 processor? Please see the list of Intel Core vPro Processors at /docs/DOC-5583

Note that only certain Intel Core i5 and i7 processors are Intel vPro capable in the Intel Core processor family.

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Thanks for your reply. Yes the CPU is definetly a Core i3-350M. In the BIOS it has the option to enable AMT it even displays the prompt to enter the mbex on boot up.

I think where I have been misled is the Fujitsu product specifcation for the Q9000 states it's vPro capable and even Intel's website lists the Fujitsu Q9000 as being vPro capable.

So it's only vPro capable if it was fitted with a Core i5-520M or i5-560M? If I replaced the CPU with either one of these CPUs would vPro definetly work then?

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Yes the Inel Core i5-520M and i5-560M vPro processors will work. The i5-520M is available in a retail box with an Intel warranty. The i5-560M is available in trays for OEMs and isn't reccommended for retail customers. You can look-up the specs at These two processors also support KVM Remote Control if the OEM platform supports the integrated graphics.

Sometimes the OEM website will give you options that turn a vPro capable model into a non-vPro system. To use Intel vPro Technology your system will need the following ingredients. (The processor and the network adapter are the two ordering items that customers tend to get wrong.)

  • The Intel Core vPro processor


  • Intel Q57, QS57, or QM57 chipset


  • TPM 1.2


  • Intel VT capable BIOS


  • Intel TXT capable BIOS


  • TPM 1.2 capable BIOS


  • Intel AMT capable BIOS


  • Intel ME firmware 6.0 with Intel AMT 6.0 and Intel AT 2.0


  • Intel 82578DM GbE LAN or Intel 82577LM GbE LAN, plus, for mobile PCs, an Intel Centrino® Advanced-N+WiMAX 6250 or Intel Centrino Ultimate-N/Advanced-N 6000 Series for wireless networking


  • Intel Management and Security Status Icon (optional but recommended)


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Hi Steve,

I just want to say a big thank you for your help and advice. I dropped in an i5-540M in place of the i3-350M and on reboot everything works exactly as expected (KVM too!)

I can't believe how useless Fujitsu were, the final call I got from their tech guy was to say that they would replace the machine, I told them there was no point and if they knew their stuff then it should have been obvious that vPRO was never going to work with an i3 processor.

Thanks again.