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Bare metal AMT provisioning - PKI

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Hi All,

I'm trying to configure AMT using remote configuration (Bare metal provisioning -PKI) and AMT client is not sending hello packet. Details below

AMT version is 6.0.30-build 1203 and OEM is Acer

I have provisionserver which is listening on port 9971, DHCP is enabled with option 15.

I went to MEBx manually, changed the default password, set Manageability Mode to AMT (Manageability Feature Selection to Enabled)and restarted the system. I didn't get any hello messages from AMT client.

I have a menu in MEBx "Start configuration" under RCFG(Intel® ME General Settings -> Remote setup and Configuration -> RCFG ->Start Configuration)

If I select Start Configuration, AMT client start sending Hello packets and provisionserver receives Hello packet, configured the AMT successfully.

As per the documentation, AMT will start sending Hellopackets to provisionserver as soon as connected to network, but in the case of bare metal provisioning its not sending hello packets.

Do we need to select "Start Configuration" in MEBx menu manually for bare metal provision?

If we have set Manageability mode set to AMT by OEM and if we connect to network, will AMT Send hello packets automatically to provisionserver without changing anything in MEBx manually?

What will be the default setting for Manageability mode when shipped from factory?

Can someone explain the process of sending hello packets from AMT machine for bare metal provisioning(without touching MEBx)?



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Bare metal provisioning is not supported on Intel AMT 6.0 and later systems. These systems will not start sending out hello packets when you first connect them to the power and network. By default, the timer that controls how long the system will send out the hello packets after it is plugged in has been set to 0 so it will timeout as soon as it is plugged in.

To do remote configuration on these systems, use Activator or an ISV client agent (for example on Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager). You can also use the Configurator in Intel SCS 7 to initiate remote configuration on Intel AMT 6 systems. The Intel tools are available on the Tools page in the Intel vPro Expert Center. For information on Microsoft, LANDesk, Symantec, and other ISVs, please check out the home page for the respective software.

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