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Connection when remote machine is crashed



I have been using Intel vPro via Mesh Commander for a few months now.

It usually connects fine. However, on a few occasions, when the remote machine is crashed it will not connect.

I understood that Intel vPro is not OS dependant, so I wonder what causes this.

One of the primary reasons I am interested in using vPro is to reboot machines that are inaccessible via SSH. However, sometimes it is not possible and immediately upon manual reboot vPro again works fine (pointing to issues with the machine itself rather than the network, at the router the machine seems to be connected but still inaccessible prior to reboot).

Is there any reason this might occur? I would really love to able to use vPro to reboot otherwise inaccessible machines (due to OS problems).


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Hello matthew Roberts,



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First of all let me warn you that even when we are aware about the existence and usage of Mesh Commander software, it is a 3rd party tool that we do not support. The reason for this is because the official software is the Intel Manageability Commander. If you need assistance with Mesh Commander you can access their website and try the available support email found there.



About the connectivity issues you describe we will need a bit more detail about the issue, like if you get any error messages when not able to connect, what is the remote computer OEM, what AMT version is it installed on these remote machines. Usually on the manufacturer support websites there is a Management Engine firmware file available to perform the update so I could suggest you to start from there.



Hope this helps



Jose A.

Hello matthew Roberts,



Do you have any updates, questions or comments in regards to this issue?



Please do not hesitate to contact us back.



If you consider the issue to be completed please let us know so we can proceed to mark this thread as resolved.






Jose A.

Hello matthew Roberts,



We will proceed to mark this thread as resolved. If you have further issues or questions just go ahead and create a new topic.



Jose A.