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Intel LMS service won't start?


Hi guys,

Am trying to run up a new Intel AMT/SCS environment, as we are building a new server environment to replace our current Prod environment. Intel AMT, console etc. were all configured by the previous IT team that are no longer around, and of course there's no doco available for how the install was done initially.

Having said that, I have the console up and running on the server, we've got a cert updated and installed, and I have installed the latest Intel IME that I downloaded from the PC vendor.

When trying to get the PC to connect to the console server, it's complaining about not being able to find the LMS service:

2017-09-05 14:50:05: Thread:1416(ERROR) : ACU Configurator , Category: Host Based Setup Discovery Source: Src\ActivatorDll.cpp : GetHostAndMEInfo Line: 3983: Error: Host-based configuration is not currently available because the Local Manageability Service (LMS.exe) is not running on the system.

On investigating, there's a very good reason for that - it's installed, but not running. If I try to run it manually (acuconfig.exe /verbose ConfigViaRCSOnly hostname.domain profile_name), it starts, but stops immediately. I've had a look at the Windows Event Viewer, which has 2 entries - one saying "Started" and the other saying "Stopped". No info as to WHY it stopped. I've looked in the application folder but can find no logs there for it, either.

Having looked over the info here on the Intel site, and searching the community, I've not been able to find anything which may indicate why it is that this is failing? I've compared the config of the service between the new PC, and one of our older ones that are working, and there's no difference there - both are running under the Local System account.

Any suggestions on what could be causing this, please??



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Hi Brad,

Looks like a certificate issue that is causing the LMS service to stop. On the system having the issue, go to c:\program files (x86)\Intel\Intel(r) Management Engine Components\LMS and right click common.dll, properties, digital signatures. Click the certificate and details. Hopefully by doing this, the OS will go out and refresh the cert but if not, you will see an error here. You'll need to fix this issue and LMS will work.

You can reference this link for more information:


Also if you are having an error with the certifcate, in the windows application event log there should be a recent CAPI2 and this will have information on any issues with the certificate.



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Great - thanks for the response, Michael. Will go do some digging Will report back on how I get on.



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