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KVM Using VNC Plus Problems


Hi I am trying out AMT/VPro (ver 7). I am using VNC Viewer Plus (1.1) to connect to our workstations. I am having trouble getting VNC to connect to a laptop when it is on wireless (corporate domain). I have tried VNCing by both IP and name, but I get the following error:

Connection Failed

Check you have entered the correct address/hostname.

Check the AMT Server is configured to allow unsecured connections.

When it is connected by wireless, I can ping both by name and IP. I can map to the laptop in Windows. I can RDP to the laptop. I have also run ipconfig /flushdns on both stations to clear the cache. On the wired connection on the same laptop, VNC works and has full functionality.

To me this looks like a VNC issue, but I looked at all the configuration tabs in VNC Plus and no settings have any effect on the problem.

Did I miss something in the AMT configuration/provisioning?

Any suggestions?

Thank you for reading my post.

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I have a couple questions for you. When you try to attach to the LT is the display of the LT powered off by the OS?

If yes, power the display on and retry.

Is the LT plugged in and to what is the power policy set?

If not, plug it in and retry.

KVM will not work if the display is powered off by the OS. It will disconnect if the the OS powers it off while you are using it. Make sure the power policy has the AMT available in the correct states.



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The laptop screen is turn on and loaded at the desktop when I try to VNC to the laptop.

The laptop is plugged in to the AC and the power management policy is set to "Always on" for the AC and Battery profiles, these profile settings are all on "Never".

Thanks for your help.


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Please tell use how you configured your system:

Did you use a provisioning server or did you execute manual configuration via MEBX?

The wireless profile used by AMT is not inherited from the OS. AMT must be configured with the profile.

In your configuration process did you configure AMT with a wireless profile?

If AMT is properly configured with a wireless profile, you can test basic functionality by disabling the wireless adapter. (Not a disconnect, but disabling the device) This makes AMT take over the adapter and attempt to connect with the profile it is configured with. When this happens, AMT will begin returning pings with a different TTL than the OS. If this does not happen, AMT is not connecting over wireless and KVM access will fail.

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I provisioned the laptop manually.

Kyle, your assement of the problem is correct, I missed the wireless profile configuration via the web interface. For anyone reading this, use your browser to connect to http://device/ http://device name:16992 or 16993 for TLS enabled protocol. Once in here, I can turn on the wireless/authentication and then we have AMT connectivity via wireless.

Thank you all for your attention and input.