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KVM not working with TLS


Hey everyone,

I'm hoping you can help with another issue I'm having.

I am provisioning systems with SCS 8.1. When I provision a system without TLS and can control the GUI of the client however when I provision a system with TLS I cannot. I can power on and off the workstation. I can also get to the web GUI however I cannot control the GUI.

Any ideas on how I can troubleshoot?

I have included screen shots and have tried to contol the systems with multiple products:

  • KVM View Intergration with SCCM doesn't show the desktop it stops at using proxy
  • Management Commander Tool just sits at connect/abort connect
  • VNC Viewer Plus starts and gives the error The connection closed unexpectedly
  • I can log into the Web GUI and everything works with TLS

Any help would be great.

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The error for the connection closing unexpectedly is usually a problem with certificates. Specifically a trusted root not being trusted by the accessing computer. Please verify that AMT's root cert is in the trusted root store of the user that is running RealVNC.

Does anything in the article ring a bell?


How did you log into the each of the interfaces you mentioned: Kerberos or digest.

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Thanks Kyle for your input.

I also posted the same question here:

I would love for you to get involved in that one?

I can connect when I put in the RFB password in however now I understand that is bypassing TLS?

I have double checked the Root CA and it is in the users trusted root store. I have used a internal CA and have imported it in.

What I don't understand is why when I go to the web interface, Kerberos and digest work however when I try to use them to remote control the system with KVM View or RealVNC it doesn't?

Does the remote contol feature use the certficates differently then the web interface?

When I connect with Kerberos and digest I can power on and off the system but can't remote control them?

Thanks in advance,

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