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MPS source missing files


I'm trying to compile MPS source (to debug /thread/67218 this problem) in VS2013. However I have some troubles with the compilation.

First of all I figured out that I need an ACE library (which is not mentioned in any place except for AMT10.0.0.23\Linux\Intel_AMT\Src\MPS\Intel_AMT\Samples\MPS).

After downloading ACE and setting environment variables I discovered that I still have compilation errors and this time it's about missing files.

As an example, there is a # include "soapStub.h" line in ChannelConsumer.cpp. I've tried to search for soapStub.h but it doesn't exist in the whole AMT10.0.0.23 directory.

Anyone have any clue how to compile MPS sources and what are the necessary components and steps?

Thank you.

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