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Motherboard And Processor Technologies


While we are having many of the Enhanced Technologies like AES New Instructions,Turbo Boost Technologies and Execution Disable Bit etc is this important that we should have these features in Intel Motherboard too to work on our System?

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It depends on what you want to use your PC for;

AES-NI will considerably improve the spped atwhich encryption happens. Most code will require a recompile to take advantage of the new-instructions so if you're using (e.g.) hard-disk encryption you will certainly get benefit from AES-NI. Just make sure you're running a recent.latest version of the software.

Turbo-Boot works well in many situations but if you run single-threaded applications a lot (and that includes MS Office) then extra cores will be powered off and the one running core will run faster. Its like "free overclocking".

Execute Disable bit is a security feature. Prevents code executing when its not supposed to. Cant have too much security...

I hope that helps.