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Powershell Script for automatically settings SCS DCOM and WMI Permissions

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Hello everyone,

I've written a Little PowerShell Script that handles the DCOM and WMI permissions for the delegated Administration model of SCS 8.1.

It creates four local Groups and gives them the appropriate permissions:

SCSAdmins_Intel_RCS: Members of this group can do operations on Intel AMT systems using the RCS.

SCSAdmins_Intel_RCS_Editor: Members of this group can connect to the RCS to define profiles or settings in the RCS.

SCSAdmins_Intel_RCS_Master_Password: Members of this group can use the RCS to calculate or get the Digest Master Password for an Intel AMT system.

SCSAdmins_Intel_RCS_Systems: Members of this group can use the monitoring options of RCS (in database mode).

After running the script, simply add your AD resources to the appropriate local Group.

Please note that the script hasn't been thoroughly tested - it works with my SCS Setups, but I'm giving no guarantee that it will also work with yours. Use at your own risk ;o).

It might be necessary to temporarily change the Execution Policy of Powershell.

You can get the current Setting with "Get-ExecutionPolicy" (Default should be "Restricted")

You can Change the Policy with "Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned".

After running the script, you can the Change it back to Restricted or whatever it has been before.

Feedback is highly appreciated!

Kind regards, and have fun!

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