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Provisioning server software

After a few hours googling I am out of patience. Maybe the question is too obvious but! Can somebody please give at least a simple list of software that can act as a provisioning server for AMT. As far as I understand it, to setup AMT in enterprise mode one needs a provisioning server which I suppose is a piece of software. It is something that either Intel makes however makes it so well hidden on its pages that it cannot be found (at least I cannot find it). Or one must have a 3rd party software. However finding such a thing is a rather painful task. So if someone would be so kind and post here names of software (which can be googled and found) that can be used as provisioning server.

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Community Manager

I think you'll be pleased to find that there is a free piece of software from Intel called the Intel Setup and Configuration Service (SCS). Check it out at the following URL:


Trevor Sullivan

Consultant | 1E Inc.