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SCCM SP1 R2 (Beta) Activation


As part of demo I am building for a trade show, I spent some time yesterday working with the Intel AMT Team to get my vPro systems activated. I call them the Intel Team because I had resources from multiple divisions (IT, DO, EPI, SSG) of Intel helping me get activated.

My demo is utilzing the AMT capability and the (new) application streaming capability of SCCM. A requirement for my demo is to have AMT activated in Enterprise mode and to pre-package applications that can be centrally distributed. I found that SCCM R2 activates the same as SCCM SP1. I would follow any of the instruction already posted at this site for usage.

What I wanted to mention was the usage of the amtopmgr.log file and using the Systems Management Server 2003 Toolkit 2. The amtopmgr.log file can be found in \Program File\Microsoft Configuration Manager\logs. During the activation/provisioning stage, this file is very useful. It gives status and AMT activity. I was pointed to using the SMS Trace tool (trace32.exe) with the amtopmgr.log file.

To use the tool, just launch the executable file. Once open, use the "Open File" and drill down to your log file. The SMS Trace tool reads the file real-time and will aid you with troubleshooting during activation or it can be used to watch progress of that activation. The tool has search, print, and copy functions.

Here's a couple links for more information:

Get the toolkit here:

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Another thing I forgot to mention was in the amtopmgr.log, I was able to accurately get the GUID. The GUID found in the log was validated by checking the BIOS GUID found in System IDs located in the Security tab.!BIOS.JPG!

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