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SCCM Task sequence and vPro

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With SCCM sp1 you can obviously manually initiate a vPro Power Off to a pc in a specific collection but is it possible to incorporate the vPro Power Off command in an SCCM Task Sequence?

If so how?

What vPro management functions cannot be Task Sequenced?


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There is nothing native within SCCM SP1 that allows you to schedule an AMT Power Off command; however, typically you would want to use the agent to gracefully shutdown the OS so not to inadvertently corrupt the OS (you can use a task sequence command such as shutdown -s -f to perform this within the OS gracefully). You can; however, set up an advertisement to wake up the vPro client using an AMT power control command. Please reference the p-11318 following blog.

If want you to perform a AMT power off command from a task sequence, you can use a run command task within SCCM and leverage the Remote Control Utility

--Matt Royer