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Vpro System Provisioning Error using Intel SCS


Dear All,

I have the performed the following steps:

******** Server ********

Installed Windows Server 2008 R2 (64 bit)

Active directory installed on the system

Created OU named IT with domain administrator

Installed .netframe work 4

Installed MS SQL Server 2008 R2 (64 bit)

Installed Intel SCS Server & Console

I did custom installation for Intel SCS Server and UNCHECKED HTTPS option (Is that the reason why I am having attached problems???)

I used USB drive and exported keys

********On Client end i did the following********

Reset system to factory settings

Provisioned the system using USB drive (The system mode was set to PSK)

Then entered Mebx and assigned relevant parameters and restarted the system

On the server, i got the client device , it shows unconfigured.

I Right Clicked on the client and on the menu Edit Platform

I entered the FQDN of the client

the UUID was auto picked up

I assigned the OU where the system was located (OU = IT created above)

Assigned the profile

in the logs it gives the following error messages:

The SOAP connection with connection parameter set # 1 failed: WS-Management [13]: "Error calling WSMan getFullCoreVersion(CIM_SoftwareIdentity.Get): TCP error".

The SOAP connection with connection parameter set # 4 failed: AMT Connection Error: SOAP Error [24]: "getFullCoreVersion: Fault: 'Timeout' : Details: 'connect failed in tcp_connect()'".

The SOAP connection with connection parameter set # 6 failed: AMT Connection Error: SOAP Error [25]: "getFullCoreVersion: SOAP Unknown error".

Error Configuring Intel AMT device: Failed to connect to un-configured Intel AMT device at IP AMT Connection Error: SOAP Error [25]: "getFullCoreVersion: SOAP Unknown error".

Can any one explain where i am doing wrong?? is PSK required in NON-TLS mode or not?? I unchecked HTTPS option while installing Intel SCS Server, is that the problem??

please see the screenshots as well, its been a week and i cant help it out


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Can you clarify how you are trying to provision the client,

USB with SCS or SMB like by entering your information in the mebx?

Also what are you using for a client?

Unchecking the HTTPS will not give you these errors.