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Why it's important for SMBs to refresh PCs


There's a recent study that found SMBs are challenged by declines in customer base, revenue and margins and as a result, are looking for ways to reduce costs. It comes as no surprise that SMBs are feeling the pressure to create a competitive edge – one that will enable their businesses to thrive and grow. Indeed, it's as simple as looking at your technology needs. Well, we all know SMBs have unique computing requirements, as they're often limited by resources. Check out this short video of Sean Maloney, Intel's EVP, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer discussing some of the critical issues facing SMBs in Asia-Pacific and why technology plays an important role:

A smart investment in PC can save money (and costs!) in the long run. Whether you are investing in PCs for the first time, or looking at refreshing your current fleet, the short term investment is likely to generate long term value for your business.

If you're looking to buy a new notebook PC, not only should you look at the overall cost of it, but also see whether remote management tools and anti-theft tools are included in the price. Also, you need to seriously think about the potential theft of your notebook, and consider whether data loss and remote management capabilities are things that are included in the deal.

If you already have a PC, you should ask yourself the following – am I using the latest technology that will ensure I'm running my business optimally? What most SMB owners probably won't know is it's smarter to refresh their existing PC fleets ( study showed 3-years' refresh cycle is optimal) as opposed to hanging on to them in hopes of saving money – you'll simply end up with higher costs associated with maintenance and repair, as well as security and system failures.

Has investing/refreshing your PC made a difference to your business? We'd love to hear from you!

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What a great video from Sean Maloney.


Thanks! Yes, Sean is always good on TV/video interviews.


Excellent video and thank you for the post!