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activator.exe syntax for connection to SCS and automatic setup


Hi, im trying to figure out how to use the activator.exe to contact the scs (provisionserver.domain.intern), transfer the fqdn, select a profile from inside the SCS and install it. Im up to install a way to rollout this all without using landesk, altiris and so on.

Im using PSK in enterprise mode. In the future the PCs shall reach us preconfigured with PID/PSK keypair, atm i testing it by installing the PSK by USB.

I installed SCS 6.0.25 (with patch) on the provisionserver, created PSK on a usb-stick, booted the computer and installed the key. no problem this far.

I went to /docs/DOC-1171 (last update december 2010), followed the linkt to the activator (/docs/DOC-1787 Then i found the link to

the next-generation of the remote-control-utility. (By the way - why does the download-link go to old 2008-stuff oO)

Using this intel_vpro_technology_activator_utility_3.3 i was able to contact the scs .

with the string

activator.exe /s http://provisionserver.domain.intern/amtsc http://provisionserver.domain.intern/amtsc /t on /c /f

i activated the amt, got the fqdn transfered and sent hellos. It created an error, exit with 7, but i found it on the scs and could do the rest ( choose profile, configure) from there

after that i found the activator.exe delivered with the SCS 6.0.24 ( >.<) . Far more complicated and with a different syntax ( e.g. /destination <scs_address> instead of /s ).

By now im completely confused what to use and how to write the order.

What i want to do: roll out the activator.exe on a target system by a software-distibution-system like enteo, start it with a batch there.

in this batch there should be a string " activator.exe .........."

with all drivers installed in the os the activator.exe SHALL contact the provisionserver with PSK, transfer the fqdn of the system, choose a specific profile out of 3, install it on the AMT-PC. Probably i have to use username/password in this line to be allowed to connect to scs ?

the activatorwizard_exe does the trick - it uses the activator.exe as well.

What do i have to write behind activator.exe ?

Please help me.

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No one with an idea ? Syntax or a bestpractice?

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Hi Garath,

The command you need to use with Activator 6.x(not 3.3, you can find it in the Activator wizard "Bin" folder. It uses it also) is:

"Activator.exe /destination /profileid [/username /password ]"

- the SCS server FQDN (No Http…), in your case can be : "provisionserver.domain.intern"

- the profile you created ID(number)

- only if needed, the user that have WMI privileges on the SCS server machine. (see the documentation for how to add that privilege if needed)

- the user password.

For more options you can run "Activator.exe /?"

Now a little bit more detail:


Activator version 3.x-5.x connects to SCS 3.x-5.x that uses IIS interface to connect and control the SCS server.

SCS 6 uses Microsoft WMI namespace to connect and control the Server, so Activator 3 won't be able to connect SCS 6.

If you have more questions please post them here,

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