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iSCSI SAN device


iSCSI SAN device "Intel Storage System SSR316MJ2". How to install and configure on windows OS?

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I believe you are trying to install Windows on SSR316MJ2.

First, Intel ended its interactive support (EOIS) over MJ2 with effect from

Jan 10, 2008 meaning that Intel no longer provides support over MJ2 via email

or telephone however the technical support web contents are still available on

Intel's support website.

Second, it's okay that this question has been posted in vPro Center however

just to bring this to your knowledge, since storage devices especially

SSR316MJ2 falls in Server class, this question belongs to The Server Room.

Now coming to your question, you have asked a very generic question not

specifying the exact problem you are encountering. You need to specify your

exact scenario and the OS you are trying to install so that it gives us a clear

picture so that we are able to guide you.

Moreover, if you want to access the web support and driver/document

repository for SSR316MJ2, here is SSR316MJ2 SUPPORT PORTAL which I am sure will resolve a lot of your problems and assist you

in deployment. But I would again emphasize that you please give us a clear

picture of your scenario since the iSCSI SANs come with a DOM (Disk On Module)

which contains a pre-installed OS, RAID drivers and utility and what I presume

here is that you are probably trying to install Microsoft Unified Storage

Server 2003 on a SSR316J2.

Fill us in with your exact scenario and requirement so that we are better

able to provide you support.


Warm Regards,

Javed Lodhi

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