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"LMS Generated Line" in hosts-file


Hi guys, we experience a strange issue with proxy-autoconfig/wpad (proxy.pac).

The JavaScript-function myIpAddress() which should return the clients IP-address always returns

This function is used to determine when the client should use the corporate proxy or go directly to the internet based on which subnet its on.

We tracked down the problem to be caused by the following lines which the AMT LMS-agent appends to the client computers hosts-file during installation:

# localhost computername # LMS GENERATED LINE

Please notice that the original line is commented out by the AMT agent.

If we remove the line AMT added, the proxy.pac-script works just fine.

What is the purpose of LMS changing the clients hosts-file like this? Does it have something to do with SOL or console-redirection?


Is there a way to work around this issue?

PS. I see the same behavior both with the AMT/MEI-drivers from Intel directly as well as those from Lenovo. The drivers from HP also have this behavior.



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