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remote desktop screen black on PC's with multiple display adapters




Dell Optiplex 7070's

2 AMD Radeon RX 550 add in cards (dont know why).

1 Built in Intel UHD 630 with 2 display ports.


Video option in the BIOS is default to AUTO, which means use the add-in cards.

Setting it to Intel would make it use the built in Intel UHD 630.


When I remote desktop via vpro I get a black screen.


I have not run into this problem on PC's with 1 video adapter.


I'm thinking this is something related to the multiple video adapters?

How to resolve?


Thank you!

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If there is a dependency on the iGFX engine (which I honestly do not know for sure but really doubt), then I could see an issue: by default - and this would be the case when configured for Auto - the iGFX engine is going to be automatically disabled when the dGFX engine(s) are detected. Even if you don't plug anything into the ports for the iGFX engine, try setting the parameters to always enable the iGFX engine (but also make the dGFX primary) and see if this resolves the issue.

Hope this helps,


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Hello Scott,

Thank you for your reply!

If I understand you correctly- you would like me to set the video option in the BIOS from Auto to Intel while still connected to AMD (dGFX) and see if that works?

While looking this up I found this;
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