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usbfile.exe problem


Hello there


- intel desktop board DQ67SQ

- BIOS version SWQ6710H.86A

- MEBx v7.0.0.0053

- ME Firmware version

I use usbfile.exe utility from Intel Active Management Technology Software Development Kit (file - Intel(R) to build Setup.bin file and configure my system via usb flash drive.

Built-in help says that "If a certificate hash is added, all default hashes will be disabled and all existing user defined hashes will be deleted.". But when I configure my new system it don't work this way - my hash is added normally, but all other standard hashes are still enabled and I have to disable all of them manually..

I build file with this command line:

-create %path_to_file%\Setup.bin admin Admin1# ! -dns "" -fqdn "" -hash "%path_to_root_cert%\mycert.p7b" MyCertName -kvm 1 -prov 1 -conf 1 -userConsentOption 0

I will very appreciate if anyone can help me with this problem

p.s. sorry for my English, I don't know it very well yet

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The item in the commandline help is incorrect. That is not the behavior, as you have already seen. If that reult is what you want, then run the USBFile as follows, adding the parameters in RED:

usbfile -create %path_to_file%\Setup.bin admin Admin1# ! -dns "" -fqdn "" -ohash 0 -uhash 2 -hash "%path_to_root_cert%\mycert.p7b" MyCertName -kvm 1 -prov 1 -conf 1 -userConsentOption 0

This will give you the results as described in the incorrect note.