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vPro with KVM processors



With vPro [1], AMT [2] and KVM [3] Intel gives us one option to do remote diagnosis and remote control of one computer/server.

The information related to this technology I think it's not fully explained on the intel webiste.

As I read we need one vPro capable processor with embedded graphics card. Using ARK we could search which processors have this kind of embedded graphics card [4]. On this link we should check to the last column to see if the cpu. At this point I need to know if this graphics card it's embedded inside the processor chip or it's the motherboard integrated video card.


And the second question it's if we need to have some special chipset on the motherboard to use this kind of KVM feature. I read on this forum we need a Q57 chipset, but this it's an old chipset today and newer cpus have newer processor socket. Someone has more information about what needs to have the motherboard to use KVM feature ? I'm interested on Xeon too. If someone could give us info for home computers and server will be perfect.




[2] Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT)

[3] Cost-Saving Manageability with KVM Remote Control

[4] ARK | Processor Feature Filter

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