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Multiple sessions performance


Hello, i trying to implement scheme with many VPP filters. Some of them are composite, and some one not. In reason of impossibility of using composite VPP filter with all other i must create session for every them. Next is the example of my chain of nodes:

-> Decoder -> VPP 1 (for resolution and frame rate) -> VPP 2 (Composite, for screen graphics) -> Encoder ->

So, i have 2 questions:

1) Is it possible to place Decoder, VPP 1 and Encoder to first Session, and place VPP 2 to second session?

Of course second session is connected to first session with MFXJoinSession(). I implemented this scheme, but this realization make wrong the order of frames (if i add synchronization with using MFXVideoCORE_SyncOperation(), it become work correct).

2) How will it change performance, if i make personal session for all VPP filters in my chain?

For example: first variant

Session1: -> Decoder -> VPP 1 ->
Session2: -> VPP 2 -> Encoder ->

versus second variant

Session1: -> Decoder ->
Session2: -> VPP 1 ->
Session3: -> VPP 2 ->
Session4: -> Encoder ->

Second variant is pretty good for building different chains in real time. But I afraid, that it will work very slow.

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