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The problem when using Intel H264 decoder


Hi  everyone:

                   When I use Intel H264 decoder on Win8, I have some questions.

                   Step1: Install Intel Media SDK R3;

                   Step2: Register the mfx_mft_h264vd_32.dll;

                   Step3: Use TopoEdit to preview H264 video file, suceed;

                   Step4: UnInstall the  Intel Media SDK R3, and use TopoEdit to add the Intel H264 decoder MFT, failed.

                    Does it must install the Intel Media SDK R3 when using the Intel H264 decoder MFT?

                    Or  maybe it need other Intel drivers?

                    Beg for your answer.



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Hi Lily,

The pre-compiled mfx_mft_h264vd_32.dll is located in the Media SDK install folder. If you register this DLL it will make it available for tools such as TopoEdit. But since you uninstalled the SDK this means that the Media SDK install folder was deleted, including the mfx_mft_h264vd_32.dll file. So, that is likely the reason for TopoEdit not being able to find and use the filter.

If you need the filter make sure to copy it to a location that fits your needs.

Note: I see that you're using Media SDK 2012 R3. I suggest you migrate to Media SDK 2013, available here:


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