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Intel H264 Encoder DirectShow Filter


I'm using the Intel H264 Encoder QuickSync DirectShow filter which is connected to the built-in Windows color space converter DSP (see The output of which is compatible with the input of the Intel H264 fiter (NV12).

This works great on machines that have only software support. However, once I try to connect the pins on a machine that supports hardware it fails to connect with an unknown error. I added some tracing to the h264_enc_filter library and found that BreakConnect was called and I see a comment in that function (CEncVideoFilter::BreakConnect): it is not possible to re-use allocator. re-create encoder, new allocator will be provided on connect. I see this case only happens only with hardware support. The graph fails after this point and I am not sure how to get it working.

Is there some piece of code I can look into to see why this happens only on hardware accelerated quicksync devices? This device in particular is an Intel NUC D54250WYK and performs admirably when I don't have to use the color space converter (however in this case I need it since the source filter is outputting RGB24).

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks,


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