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Intel open source computing library for deep neural network (clDNN) for Intel processor graphics (R)

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kubernetes are becoming the de facto standard with a greater amount of software technology and applications moving into containers. kubernetes has captured the cloud market by storm through the implementation of strong infrastructure development. It makes application deployment and management easier and improves the reliability and reduces the time you need for Devops.
In today's economic platform, most software businesses are looking to provide a high-performance application with a seamless customer experience.
Kubernetes is one of the emerging platforms that allow companies to run and manage packaged applications globally.
"According to Gartner 's report, by 2022 more than 75% of organizations worldwide will run packaged applications, especially loT applications.
Here are 5 key business capabilities promoted by Kubernetes and its benefits for large businesses

  • Application development / deployment faster
  • Reduce resource costs
  • Scalable workload
  • Multi-cloud flexibility
  • Effective cloud move


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