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Problems encoding interlaced source (HEVC plugin)


Hi, i'm trying to encode interlaced hevc stream with sample_encode but it does not encode correctly,

the problem i have are that my source are YUV420 704x528 25fps PAL, when i encode it encode interlaced but with

wrong vídeo resolution 704x240, i'm using latest intel media server studio 2017 HEVC plugin

Is there a way to encode interlaced PAL with sample_multi_transcode? I need to encode interlaced to preserve vídeo quality

my sample_encode comand line options:

sample_encode h265 -i D:\TESTE.yuv -o "D:\TESTE.hevc" -w 704 -h 528 -bref -idr_interval 0 -f 25 -b 1335 -u quality -r 4 -g 50 -x 6 -vbr -MaxKbps 6000 -sw -signal:1 -gpb:off -num_slice 1 -p 2fca99749fdb49aeb121a5b63ef568f7 -tff

I don't know what i'm doing wrong




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