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Using Intel Quick Sync on MAC OSX



Can any MAC OSX video software maker can use Quick Sync in its app (assuming they have the hardware that support it) ? 

In other words, as a user, i've seen that only Quicktime, Facetime, iMovie, and Final Cut X use quicksync. Those three 4 softwares are made by Apple. No other software maker on MAC seems to be using (knowing ?) QSV. Is there a Media SDK for MAC ? What should i need to do if i want to develop a video application which would involve video decoding and encoding, which would use QSV to have good performances with low CPU usage ? 

I'm not making software but i'm encouraging every video software maker to use QSV as it's just a best in terms of report Quality/Performance but i've sadly see that it seems it's not well known on OSX

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Eric Egur from intel developped FFDSHOW Intel Quick Sync version for PC. I asked him what should be used on MAC to use quicksync as GPU hardware acceleration . Here is its answer :

Apple has a video a acceleration API (that of course should use the QuickSync engine). Read more via this link :

That page also references a Qt class that can do it for you.
Note that this framework is for H264 decoding only.
I can guess that when H265 is properly supported by HW and become more mainstream, Apple will switch to it and improve the API.