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Can TSE IP run without Os?

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Hello all, 


I am a newbie of TSE IP. The 'simple_socket_server' example is running with OS. I don't have enough memory for an OS (I can afford up to 200k bytes), but I want to use TSE IP to receive 10 bytes command from PC and then send 4k bytes data to PC. I want to know whether the TSE IP can be operated without an OS? Could somebody share some example?  


Thank you. 

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TSE itself doesn't require an OS. In the SSS example the OS is used to support Nichestack. 

This is needed (although not mandatory) only if you want to use TCP/IP . 

If you mean rx/tx of raw ethernet frames you could possibly use the HAL driver to directly access TSE 

from your application and your program size will decrease about an order of magnitude. 

However, since you mentioned data transfer with a PC, I guess you actually need TCP or, at least UDP protocol. 

Then you'd rather evaluate the superloop option: you find information in the Altera Wiki.
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Thank you very much Cris. I will do some further research to decide whether we need an external RAM.