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Enabling Gigabit Kills my DHCP?!

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Hi guys, 


I'm running a DE2-115 with the TSE_MAC running on uCOS which i have based on the SSS Example (simple Socket Server). 


My DHCP has stopped getting an address and times out. After much wat=sted debugging time I have found it occirs when i enable the Gigabit ethernet in the hardware: 


assign set_1000_to_the_tse_mac = 1'b0;  

I swear at one point i had sucessfully had gigabit with out this problem, but i've restored through my back ups and it happens when i enable this bit in my verilog. 


Any ideas?
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Read the docu! This bit can be set to 0 for gigabit networks. If You set this to 1, then You force the core to work on 1Gbps speed and it doesn't work on 100Mbps network.

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Thanks i got tunnel vision and a bad day. I also was using the wrong router, wasn't gigabit. 

Thanks for snapping me out of it.