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Graphical interface using NIOSII

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i want to implement a software to control some buttons and leds via Graphical interface. 

Can some one tell how to do this with NIOS. 


thank you.
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NIOS II is a softcore (cpu, 32 Bit). If you want to add a display with touch interface you need additional ip cores and software drivers which support your display and touch. You could also do an Software application which runs on your desktop and then communicates with your FPGA application. I would implement a telnet server or a tcp/ip server. 


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Another way to do this is using the Altera Web Server demo application. It comes with some sample HTML pages that you can modify to do what you need. Fairly easy to implement buttons that send commands through Web forms (HTML Post commands). A little Googling will get you the info you need to get started. 


The tricky part is modifying the example code to do what you want with the form data it receives. As with everything Altera, there is a steep learning curve, but it's all there if you are willing to dig for it. 


The payoff is that once you master the Web Server you have lots of flexibility for designing your GUI in HTML format. (