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ID:113006 Word addressed memory initialization file "<name>" was read

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When I compile my Nios II Project in version 16.0 I am getting below mentioned warnings  

1. "ID:113006 Word addressed memory initialization file "<name>" was read in the byte-addressed format". There are some solution but that is not available for this version. 

2. JTAG UART IP input clock need to be at least double (2x) the operatingfrequency of JTAG TCK on board. 


How to resolve this warning and also please let me know what is impact of this warning if it is left as it is. 


Thanks in Advance, 

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1) Try regenerating your mif file with data aligned on 32-bit address boundaries. 


2) As it says, make sure your input clock is double that of the JTAG clock. You can specify the JTAG clock frequency, in the tools, to make sure it's slow enough. See "how do i change the clock frequency of the usb-blaster ii download cable? ("