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Include uClinux in Eclipse development flow

I have taken over a customized embedded uClinux product based on a Cyclone iii FPGA and many extra HW I/O, RS232, Ethernet, I2C interface, etc. I'm at the point where i want to sort out some minor bugs and want to include the project into the Eclipse workspace. I wonder about the right way to this: actually i want to import the entire uClinux-dist folder based on a BSP makefile project and then start working on the user space sources (../uClinux-dist/user/..), connect the target product via JTAG, boot the kernel and start debugging.  

Or do i have to download the kernel without Eclipse, only import the user applications (../uClinux/user/..) upload the executables to the targets /bin folder straight away? 


I couldn't find the right hints on this and i'm not expert enough to start an try/error appoach as this is what i did so far and it's a bit frustrating with all the errors popping up all the time. 


many thanks for helping  

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