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Is it possible to use H2F and LWH2F at the same time in user application under Linux?

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Hi, everybody! 

I wonder if it's possible to use both H2F and LWH2F interfaces in an application? In my code I mmap H2F and work with it and then munmap it. After that I mmap LWH2F work with it and munmap it. The program hangs up after the start. Also I tried to open file /dev/mem then mmap H2F, munmap and close (fd). Next I open file /dev/mem again and mmap and munmap LWH2F and close (fd), but result was the same - program hung up. So, is it correct in principle to do what I want to do? I think it would make sense to use lw h2f just for control and status regs and h2f for data transactions (DMA)...
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