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NIOS/Eclipse can't find target

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Hello all. 


I'm a little frustrated, as this was working yesterday; today the NIOS II Software Build Tools for Eclipse stopped working. 


When I go to run (run as -> NIOS II Hardware) an application, it says "looking for valid launches" then goes to a screen complaining that it can't find target hardware. And the target connection 'cables' page is completely empty. 


I can program the part - the Quartus-II programmer works just fine. 'jtagconfig --enum' returns correct data for the card. 


It seems that NIOS/Eclipse can't find the BitBlaster, and pressing the 'refresh' button hundreds of times does not help. 


This is with Quartus-15, web edition on Linux, and the target is a Terasic DE0-nano., and as I said, this was working yesterday, and I can not see that I'm doing anything different (or differently) today. Any clues?
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You can also try Run-> Run Configurations. Click on Nios II Hardware and select new. In the Project Tab, select the project name and elf file. Go to target connections, select 'ignore mismatch system id' and 'ignore mismatch system timestamp' and click on refresh connections. Finally click Apply and Run. 

I hope this helps. Good Luck!
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Have you connected NiosII's active low reset_n to VCC?