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Nios II with integrated DCFIFO problem

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Hi guys, 


I'm fairly new to FPGAs and in particular Altera stuff so please excuse any naive comments I might make. I'm having a problem getting a FIFO to work with the Nios II processor so that I can interface to an imaging sensor. I've been trawling the web and the forums for an answer but alas to no avail... 


Firstly does anyone know of an example/development kit project/tutorial which implements an example of a FIFO interfacing to an off chip peripheral on one side and a Nios processor on the other? An example is always helpful. 


Right the procedure I have followed is: 


I've instantiated the SOPC FIFO as a DCFIFO with an avalon-MM interface on one side and an avalon-ST sink interface on the other. I don't have any status interfaces on the read or write side. The MM (read) side is connected to my CPU. 


I've then created a custom peripheral and used the templates to create an avalon-ST data source. This is then connected to the ST side of the FIFO. 


I've then generated the system and when I bring it into verilog I get a bunch of exported signals from the ST source which then allow me to write to the custom peripheral. 


Is this a logical way to go about implementing what I want to do? Or is there a problem with the custom peripheral in this format? 


I then run the following code to try and read the FIFO: 


#define DATA_BASE (alt_u32) 0x00005040 

# define WRREQ_BASE (alt_u32) 0x00005050 

# define FIFO_BASE (alt_u32) 0x00005068 


# include "sys/alt_stdio.h" 

# include "altera_avalon_fifo_regs.h" 

# include "altera_avalon_fifo_util.h" 


int main(void){ 


unsigned short n=0; 


n = altera_avalon_fifo_init(FIFO_BASE,0,0,0); 






n = altera_avalon_fifo_read_fifo(FIFO_BASE,0); 







return 0; 



However when I write data to the FIFO I just get nothing coming out in the console.... 


I'm not really sure though that I'm using the initialise command correctly. If all this is correct then I guess I must have a problem with my data input. 



Thanks in advance for any help =). 


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