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Nios2 tools - Linux

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I am building Linux plus my application into a zImage (elf file) on a Linux PC. I currently have to copy zImage to a Windows PC to prepending the boot loader and convert the file to an srec using elf2flash. Then I need to run nios2-elf-objcopy to create the final binary. 

Is there a way to install just these two programs on the Linux PC. I do not want to install Quartus just for these two functions.
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I just looked at my bin directory at elf2flash, and this is a shell script which calls, which calls, which calls elf2flash.jar. Although you can probably copy the individual files from another linux install, it's probably easier to just install everything on linux. 


the nios2-elf-objcopy looks like its a simply linux exeutable for linux so it's probably could run just copy that single file, but there may be other dependencies. 


If you install everything, the full size of the install is around 15 GB. Most it taken by Quartus itself, so if you manually remove Quartus, and modelsim, you get down to < 3 GB. 


Still at large size.. But better than 15 GB. 


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You ought to have a copy of objcopy on the linux system already - with the other nios compilation bits. If not download the source and build it.