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Problem adding new device to Linux

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I am using the ReFLEX Achilles Arria 10 Development kit. 

It is running Linux kernel 4.1.22-ltsi and I am trying to add i2c-1 to my system. Out of the box I am able to access I2C-0, but I want to use two I2C buses. After creating the hps.sopcinfo from my QSYS project, I generated the .dts and .dtb for my system. However, when I boot up my system, under /dev, I still only see i2c-0. Also, if I disable i2c-0 in the dts and update the dtb in my system, I still see i2c-0 and it is still working (I ran i2cdetect and it picked up the temperature sensor and eeprom on that i2c bus). During startup, I get this message: 

[ 0.213867] i2c_designware ffc02300.i2c: Unknown Synopsys component type: 0x00000000 


the address ffc02300 is the start of the i2c-1 registers.  


I feel that I am missing something very basic here. This is my first time trying to add a device to my system so I am not 100% sure if the steps I took were correct.  

I also update my u-boot.bin and when I read ffc02300 (i2c-1) in uboot using md, they are blank, but when I read ffc02200 (i2c-0) they are filled with expected values base on the arria 10 register map. 


Any tips or advise would be helpful. 


Thank you
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