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Q16.0 QSYS SPI(3 Wire Serial) Slave mode has a issue or not-well considered design

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My SPISPI(3 Wire Serial) slave mode is configured to be 8 bits width. 

The problem is in slave mode, the ipcore only loads rxdata when the whole transmission is done. 

If there is a 4 byte phase, only the last byte will be saved into rxdata.  


I have checked the source code in core_spi_0.v 

The RRDY & rx_holding_reg only get updated once for all when SS_n rising up. 

assign forced_shift = ds2_SS_n & ~ds3_SS_n; if (forced_shift) begin if (RRDY) ROE <= 1; else rx_holding_reg <= shift_reg; RRDY <= 1; end  


This is another funny thing, the state code was laying there but be used by nowhere, I think this "state == 8" is meant to be the true trigger for RRDY & rx_holding_reg. 


always @(posedge clk or negedge reset_n) begin if (reset_n == 0) state <= 0; else state <= resetShiftSample ? 0 : (sample_clock & (state != 8)) ? (state + 1) : state; end  


I will run a simulation and fix this or write new one by my own.
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