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Strange status value of spi

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Hi, all 


today i used a spi master in nios to read data in my gyroscope. when i sent a "WHO_AM_I" to it, correct data was read ( through signalTap). but when i used the function "alt_avalon_spi_command()" , it read nothing. and when i use the debug tools , i found the status value is 0x2e0. 


my questions: 

1) why the system cannot receive data from the gyroscope? it had already sent the data back. 


2)in the "NII51011-9.0.0 SPI Core" table 7-4 ,the bit “E”(bit 8) is the logical OR of bit "TOE"(bit 4) and "ROE"(bit 3),. why my status value is "0x2e0"?? 



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