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problem with uart

Hi everybody, 


I am trying to run a Nios 2 on a custom cyclone board. 

a minimal system (cpu, jtag_uart, on_chip_memory) is working with the hello_world_small example.  

However, if I add a uart to the system, downloading and verifying the above example works fine, but then I get the following error message: 



Task Finished with Error 



The Nios II Terminal communication device `uart1' does not exist in the current SOPC Builder system file. 

Open the Run... or Debug.. window to check your settings and try again. 



I checked the .ptf file I am using for this project and uart1 is defined. 

In the system.h file uart1 is defined as well and in the project properties dialog uart1 can be selected as std device, what I did. 

In the RUN dialog uart1 <stdin/stdout/stderr> is selected as the Nios II terminal communication device. 


So, why this error message?? Any ideas? 

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got it 


The problem was not related to nios 2 ide or sopc builder but quartus II. 

The connection line between the nios 2 tx pin and the port pin in schematic editor did actually not connect. I had to delet it, recompile the system, add it and recompile again. That solved the problem.
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