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About the branches of the nommu in Linux

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In this URL: 

nios2 Development branch for Nios II Linux, contains support for Nios II with and without mmu (previously known as unstable-nios2mmu) 

... ... 

test-nios2 do not use - Old stable branch for Nios II without mmu


In that URL: 


" To build without an mmu, use the test-nios2 branch on linux-2.6, and the test-nios2 branch on uClinux-dist. 




[root@localhost linux-2.6]# git checkout nios2 

error: pathspec 'nios2' did not match any file(s) known to git. 



Without MMU, which branch should I selected in the linux-2.6 and uClinux-dist folders of the nios2-linux-20100621? 

It makes me Crazy ...
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[root@localhost linux-2.6]# git branch 

* nios2mmu 



OMG,there's only 2 branches in the inux-2.6 of the nios2-linux-20100620 tarball. 

R there some branches like: "nios2" and "master"only in the Linux 3 kernel?  

Maybe in the nios2-linux-2012**** tarball?
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