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Arria II GX devkit - CFI Flash - probe failed on uCLinux

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I've been trying to use the CFI Flash on the "Arria II FPGA Development kit, 6G edition" but I just can't get it to work. 


The flash is a Numonyx 512P30 (P/N PC28F512P30EF). The error I get during uCLinux boot is: 


of-flash 0.flash: do_map_probe() failed 




The device is successfully added to QSys, it works fine outside uCLinux (with Altera's HAL + SBT) 


I'm quite sure my kernel configuration is OK because it is able to probe the CFI flash on DE2-115 board. 


The DTS file seems to be fine as well. 




If anyone could please answer any of the following questions: 


* Have anyone already got this particular CFI Flash chip to work on uCLinux? 


* If this chip is not supported, how should I add support to it? Is linux-2.6.x/include/config/mtd/jedecprobe.h the right file to edit? Could be adding an entry to the table at the top of the file enough? 


* An alternative would be porting the Altera's HAL driver to uCLinux. If I could use alt_write_flash() on uCLinux that would be enough. Any clue on that? 




Thank you so much!
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I found out that the CFI Flash chip is damaged. It no longer works even with HAL. I've tried with another board and it works on linux. 


Now I have another problem, I guess I should start a new thread.
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