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Automatic login and to decrease booting time in soc

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Hii Everyone, 

I've been looking everywhere and could not find any correct resources to help me. 

I designed Ethernet board with Cyclone V(5CSEBA5U19A7N) using Quartus 15.1 Prime Standard & DS-5. 

Now i want to do two things. 

1)How to boot linux automatically without login. 

2)How to decrease booting time in the soc arm processor.. 


I am using Altera 15.1 inbuilt root file system and zImage...If u have any documents or links from scratch regarding to my query, 

plz forward and help me. 



Thanks & Regards, 



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A few thoughts for decreasing the boot time: 

1. If you use the HPS to configure the FPGA, consider doing a independent booting instead (for example, booting the FPGA via EPCS flash while HPS boots from SD without configuring the FPGA). To do this, remove the u-boot.scr script in the SD Card. On the FPGA side, flash the image into EPCS. A note on this - you may NOT want to do this unless you are sure that the HPS-FPGA bridges initialization will not be impacted. 

2. While compiling the kernel, go to include/configs/socfpga_common.h and change the CONFIG_BOOTDELAY (this is the delay before the uboot loads the next stage of boot). Refer to ("Configure and Compile Uboot Stage") 

3. It might be too late to do any changes now, but QSPI actually boots faster compared to SD card :) 

4. Of course you can further tweak the kernel to leave some packages out, but I am not a Linux expert so I'm leaving this out... 


Regarding automatic login - there's a lot of methods (search with google). Some involves modifying init.d or other Linux files, but definitely possible given that people uses this for headless display.
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