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Building das Uboot for Nios2 - linker not found on Linux environment

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I am trying to build Uboot for Nios2. I notice Uboot has made many changes in their build configuration.  

Much of the old information for Uboot/Nios2 idid not work for me after I cloned the Uboot git repo. For example,  

'boards.cfg' is no longer supported. Uboot is migrating to Kconfig for build management and there are both 

Kconfig files and Make files -complicating debug.  


I do the following on Linux bash. 


> git clone git:// 

> cd u-boot-nios/ 

> make menuconfig 


These proceeding steps complete with no visible errors or warnings. 

After git clone - I can browse the Uboot source tree.  


I create a minimal '.config' file. 


> make all 


This step fails with the following error  



LD arch/nios2/cpu/built-in.o 

/bin/sh: nios2-elf-ld.bfd: command not found 

scripts/ recipe for target 'arch/nios2/cpu/built-in.o' failed 

make[1]: *** [arch/nios2/cpu/built-in.o] Error 127 

Makefile:1037: recipe for target 'arch/nios2/cpu' failed 

make: *** [arch/nios2/cpu] Error 2 


I tested to confirm that both 'nios2-elf-gcc' and 'nios2-elf-ld' are in the path and are executable.  


It appears the compile completed (based on the message output), but the nios2 linker ('nios2-elf-ld') is not found. 


I have been running Nios2 successfully on Linux.  


Anyone else seen this error or found a workaround? 


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so you never got this success in the past? just to confirm your setup environment

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I have not run Uboot on nios2. The build failed - no linker.  


I have been running nios2 on the same hardware with the  

same sopc file. And I have not previously built Uboot for this system.
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To solve the problem of not finding the linker - I needed to set the CROSS_COMPILE environment variable 

using these bash commands.  


> CROSS_COMPILE=nios2-elf- 



Then run make and the build completed with no errors. 

Now, I need to try to load and test on my nios2 hardware. 


THIS WAS documented in the README file starting at line 4929. So I deserve a 

"RTFM idiot". BTW, the README file has 6515 lines.  


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